Team [OMA]!

Welcome to [OMA]

UT 99 Sniping/Camping Server IP is:

UT 99 Euro Sniping/Camping Server IP is:

TS 3 Server IP is the password is oma28


that stands for: One Man Army, has been bringing you headshots since 2004. Team [OMA] is a fresh new clan, with fresh new play abilities and style. With the focus on every members abilities and not just on one player, Team [OMA] is sure to become a clan that strikes fear into even the most veteran teams, as if it hasn’t already. Gathering talented players from around the world. This diverse group can put a bullet in your skull from any direction. With new techniques never seen before, maps, and diverse talent, you’ll find yourself asking where the shot came from rather than wishing you had a quicker trigger finger. With a server ready for action, We are a growing clan with ever growing skill. [OMA] is sure to be a name that everyone will remember.